Law office Pavela

Pavela law office currently provides legal services to clients in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We provide legal services to private sector entities as well as to public entities, for example to some Prague municipal districts.

The strategy of our law office is providing complex legal services to a selected group of clients at the highest quality level, whereas we emphasis especially on the prevention of problems. In compliance with our strategy our team of lawyers consists of not only experienced practicing attorneys but also leading theoretical experts working in key areas of law. Members of our team continuously broaden their theoretical knowledge, including through attending important and international seminars and conferences. Since 2011 our law office also co-organizes Law-Business-Economy International Symposium in Štrbské Pleso, Slovakia.

Our experts also give lectures not only to our clients but also to the most important companies and public institutions and, most significantly, to other law firms and professional bar associations. Cooperation with many important legal experts, who also participate in the legislative procedures, ensures us and our clients not only top quality of our work but it also guarantees constant monitoring of frequent changes of legislation and new case law. Moreover also with respect to the fact, that our colleagues participate on creation of numerous laws, we are able to both prepare our clients in advance to changes in legislation and to propose appropriate solutions for them. Our law office strictly respects law and our recommendations are provided always lege artis in favour of our clients in compliance with their requests and orders.

Further, our office provides legal advice on international trade and procedural institutes, which are increasingly relevant in practice due to the memberships of the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic in the European Union.