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Mgr. Monika Vozková


Monika graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen in 2014.

After completing her university studies, she completed a one-year language stay in Great Britain.

She has provided legal advisory since 2015 and has been registered as an attorney at law with the Czech Bar Association since 2019. Before starting cooperation with Pavela law firm, she worked for a total of 7 years in leading Prague law firms, where she provided legal services to important Czech companies dealing mainly with investments and real estate management.

As part of her specialization, she provides legal services mainly in the field of civil and commercial law with a focus on company law, commercial obligations and also mergers and acquisitions of companies. She also has experience in real estate law, especially with legal reviews and real estate acquisitions.

She speaks Czech and English.

Mgr. Monika Vozková